Take your love for health & wellness and help others make a lasting change in their lives

Wellness Coaching is a fluid and multi-dimensional skill. You are always striving to help someone progress in the areas they are stuck. This is done by always viewing the client as the expert in their own life, listening to them intently and without judgment and finding sources of inspiration that help them progress.

Unlocking the potential within every person

A Wellness Coach Is

Being a mindful listener

Honoring the client in the driver’s seat

Hearing from the client’s past success, knowing they can do it again

Creating lifestyle change through conversation

Moving the client toward action

Affirming the client’s strengths

Exploring one’s goals, motivations, and ambitions

Growing the mindset for change

What A Wellness Coach Is Not

Your sports coach

Therapy or counseling

Giving a prescription for health

Designing a workout or a diet plan

Sharing your personal wellness practices

Being the expert or teacher and giving advice

Graduates of our program have utilized their coaching skills in the following professions.

Certified Wellness Coach

The Mayo Clinic Wellness Coach Training, has taught me the skills necessary to become an independent wellness coach. I was ready for a career transition and this training program gave me the education and confidence to take that leap! The practice coaching experiences and mentoring was exactly what I needed! I now help others reach their wellness potential using a new framework such as exploring and experimenting versus recommending and prescribing. This new approach has made all the difference in seeing individuals experience success! My clients are reaching their goals with a new mindset and exploring new ways to manage their weight, reduce their stress and live a fulfilling life. Lastly, this program helped me become a National Board Certified-Health and Wellness Coach which was my professional goal!

Worksite Wellness Coordinator

In my company I am responsible for organizing initiatives that keep our employees well and to help create behavior change for those at highest risk. I absolutely love what the right health information, mixed with just a bit of motivation and timing can do to turn someone's life around. I have witnessed these changes in the people I have had a positive effect on by finding their own reasons for healthy living. Coaching has provided me the practices to help create change that not only benefits the individual but the organization as well!


As a physician, I am excited to be making a difference in my patient’s ability to make lifestyle change. The evidence-based skills taught through Mayo Clinic’s Wellness Coach Training- I use on a daily basis; from building a partnership for health goal attainment to better understanding my patient’s motivation for change. Not only do my patients benefit from this practice, I find I am using these skillsets with my colleagues and clinical teams. These are the skills I wish I had more of in my medical training!

Resiliency Specialist

In my role as a Resiliency Specialist in my organization, I rely heavily on my coaching skills within both group and individual settings discussion stress management and weight management.  Within group settings, I practice open-ended questions to help guests explore their motivation and reasons for change as well as to facilitate deeper group discussion.  When I present to large groups, I use coaching strategies such as brainstorming and open-ended questions to create higher engagement and personalized learning.  Within my one-on-one sessions, I help clients explore values, strengths and vision around behavior change and best self and collaborate in strategizing.  In all of these venues, reflection and affirmation are also helpful skills that come in handy!

Registered Yoga Instructor

My approach as a yoga instructor has definitely changed. I am engaged at a higher-level with my participants, I have learned more about others which has helped me build a stronger business. It has allowed me see a holistic vantage point to one’s wellness in addition their yoga practice. In the near future, I plan to expand my services by adding wellness coaching to my menu of wellness options.

Exercise Specialist

As an exercise specialist, part of my role involves performing and interpreting a battery of assessments with our guest clientele and then developing and implementing evidence-based exercise programs based on the guest’s goals and abilities. Every person is unique - I could provide a dozen different training programs for one person, but I want to know what that individual sees him/herself doing. I want to know what has brought them success in the past or what has been an obstacle or detour in their wellness journey. While I am performing exercise assessments with guests, or walking them through an exercise program they co-developed with me, I work towards facilitating long-term behavior change through relationship-building, motivational interviewing, reflective listening, and appreciative inquiry techniques I blend into our conversations. This in turn helps guide guests through self-discovery process by supporting them to create not only an exercise program, but an overall vision for their wellness.

Executive Coach & Consultant

In my role as an executive coach and consultant I am often in a position for helping organizational leaders perform at their best in their professional lives. More and more I am seeing the need to add wellness coaching to my skillset to be able to best work with execs with concerns like work-life balance, self-care and burnout. This training has provided me the tools and strategies to help them be successful both professionally and personally which has been truly very rewarding!

Registered Dietitian

As a Registered Dietitian, I now have a greater ability to help clients overcome barriers that deter them from achieving nutritional goals. Using the skills taught in the Mayo Clinic Wellness Coach Training, I see clients moving across the spectrum from pre-contemplation to contemplation to action in a realistic action plan that is individualized to their nutritional needs. It is a wonderful feeling to help increase self-efficacy in the people I am working with! I feel I have a greater impact in working with clients to improve their skills and abilities in making healthy food choices and food preparation and with lasting change!

Certified Tobacco Treatment Specialist

The core skills of Wellness Coaching are invaluable to my work as a Tobacco Treatment Specialist. People who use tobacco usually have been hounded about the importance of stopping, and frequently they dread making ‘another failed attempt’ at quitting. Using the core skills of wellness coaching such as engaging people where they are, eliciting strengths rather than ‘shoulds’ and ‘oughts’, developing a vision for tobacco-free living, and eliciting change strategies provide a refreshingly new experience for my patients. It helps them build confidence, and makes it more likely that they will make a quit attempt utilizing proven and effective treatment strategies.